Employer Testimonials

Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services

"I have been using NECA-STAR for over 10 years. It is one of the user friendly programs I have ever used. I report to numerous unions and use multiple programs to report. I believe that it is great for all sides-contractors, unions, and administrators. The staff at NECA-STAR have always been extremely helpful and professional. I highly recommend them!"
Elaine McGill, Accounting

Del Monte Electric Co.

"NECA-STAR is a great time saver for me. The system is incredibly user friendly and simple to set up. Their support staff is always ready and willing to help, as well as quick to respond. I would recommend NECA-STAR to anyone who wishes to make their monthly union reporting a smooth and headache free process."
Amanda Wachtel

Santa Maria Electric

"What used to take me hours of calculating and typing up the transmittal, it now takes me minutes. Thank you NECA-STAR for making my job a lot easier!!"
Donna White, Bookkeeper

Our Administrative Clients